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Are you suffering from stress or emotional or physical difficulties due to unresolved conflict? Is conflict affecting your relationships? Well, you are not alone. Conflict is an inevitable part of life and, if not managed well, causes stress and emotional and physical difficulties. A Conflict Coach can help you navigate this inevitability by giving you the know-how, tools and strategies to manage conflict productively.
With the right tools, skills and strategies to help you deal with conflict, you will be able to realise conflict as a learning and growth opportunity.  

Conflict Coaching

A conflict coach will work with you on a one-to-one basis to support you in exploring possible ways of resolving conflict. The process will enable you to ask questions and think about conflict from different perspectives, assist you in understanding the conflict better, and develop options and ideas about what action you might take. 

Conflict Coaching encompasses three sessions, each lasting one and a half hours. 


Conflict Management Workshop

Conflict is unavoidable, so it is essential to have the skills to deal with it constructively when it occurs. This one-day face-to-face course will provide you with the approaches, strategies and experience to handle conflict, enabling personal and professional growth.

A Conflict Management Workshop is suitable for anyone currently experiencing conflict or wanting the skills to manage future conflict in their personal or professional relationships expertly. 

​Learning Outcomes​​

  • Techniques to manage conflict.

  • Creating win-win situations.

  • Understanding why conflict occurs and the role you play.

  • Deescalating conflict.​

What’s Included?

  • Comprehensive course notes

  • Morning tea and lunch

  • Small class sizes


The workshops run for a full day, costing $970.00. Check out our flyer for the next workshop date and further information, or book with us by email with your expression of interest today. 

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