Our mediators facilitate the mediation process by guiding the negotiations between two or more people experiencing conflict to assist them in arriving at mutually acceptable solutions. The mediator is objective and unbiased throughout the mediation process and ensures that everyone involved is given an equal opportunity to be heard and respond, providing that discussions are fair and balanced and helping each person identify their own needs, evaluate their options, and develop solutions to their problems. 

Benefits of mediation:

  • You remain in control of the outcome, not a judge or tribunal.

  • All issues between individuals, businesses, families or groups can be discussed and resolved, promoting communication and cooperation. 

  • It is quick, non-adversarial, informal, and builds relationships. 

  • It is cost-effective.

  • Mediation upskills people on how to negotiate. 

  • Mediation is confidential.

  • Mediation allows parties to resolve their issues within a familiar and non-threatening environment.

  • It is future-focused and provides the opportunity to maintain relationships, move forward and thrive.

Workplace Mediation

Your workplace mediator facilitates and enables two or more parties in conflict to have a productive and results-based conversation about the issues they are experiencing.


The goal is to reach a mutually agreeable agreement without further conflict and avoid getting derailed in debate. As your mediator, we are impartial and help direct you towards a resolution. We don’t make the decisions for you. We ensure that you are heard and safe and achieve a balanced outcome. 


School Environment Mediation

Adelaide Workplace Mediation has many years of experience helping resolve conflict. Conflict can arise between pupils, parents, parents and teachers, teachers and their peers and between teachers and management. 

A dispute in a school environment may impact the positive learning environment your school is aspiring to create, and resolving a conflict brings many positive benefits.

We also offer a Peer Mediation Programme for students where we teach children about conflict resolution and how to mediate minor issues within their peer group. If you are interested in this programme, don't hesitate to contact us via email.


Community Mediation

There has been a significant increase in the request for support to resolve disputes experienced by community groups, community members, and volunteers. With volunteers playing a crucial part in supporting and running community organisations in Australia, these disputes must be managed appropriately to sustain a volunteer workforce. 

Community Garden

Family Mediation

Need a quick and amicable solution to your parenting or financial matters Adelaide Family Mediation will work with you to assess the situation and determine how we can help you. We will listen to you and answer questions truthfully and professionally in a relaxed setting. We are determined and know that not giving up is vital. We work with you in a frank and friendly manner to help peacefully resolve your dispute.


Adelaide Family Mediation also offers virtual mediation. You can settle your matters online without the need for in-person attendance. Meetings are conducted by teleconference or over the phone. 

Work with Adelaide Family Mediation to resolve your differences and find a solution that can benefit all parties with a commitment and persistence from your mediator to help reach an agreement. 


We offer a fast response time and evening appointments (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Saturday mornings. Our service is affordable, charging on a sliding scale. We are experienced and can issue Section 60I Certificates if required.