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At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, our expert mediators play a pivotal role in facilitating and guiding negotiations between parties embroiled in conflicts. Our goal is to assist them in reaching mutually acceptable solutions while maintaining objectivity and neutrality throughout the mediation process. We ensure that all involved parties have an equal opportunity to voice their concerns, and we guarantee fair and balanced discussions where participants can identify their needs, evaluate options, and collaboratively develop problem-solving solutions.


Benefits of Mediation:

  1. Retain Control - With mediation, you remain in control of the outcome.

  2. Comprehensive Issue Resolution - Mediation is a versatile tool for addressing a wide range of issues among individuals, businesses, families, or groups, promoting open communication and fostering cooperation.

  3. Efficiency - It offers a swift, non-adversarial, and informal resolution process that aims to build future relationships and minimise unnecessary delays.

  4. Cost-Effective - Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to traditional legal proceedings.

  5. Negotiation Skill Enhancement - Participants can develop and refine their negotiation skills during the mediation process.

  6. Confidentiality - Mediation proceedings are kept confidential, ensuring all parties' privacy.

  7. Comfortable Environment - Mediation takes place in a familiar and non-threatening environment, making it easier for parties to engage in constructive dialogue.

  8. Future-Focused - Mediation is future-oriented, providing an opportunity to not only resolve immediate issues but also to maintain and strengthen relationships, allowing parties to move forward and thrive.


Choose Adelaide Workplace Mediation for professional, confidential, and results-driven mediation services that put you in charge of your future.

Workplace Mediation

At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, our skilled workplace mediators excel at facilitating and fostering productive, results-oriented conversations between parties in conflict. Our primary objective is to guide both parties toward a mutually satisfactory resolution without escalating conflict through endless debate.


As mediators, we maintain strict impartiality, ensuring we do not impose decisions upon you. Instead, we create a safe and inclusive environment where both parties are heard and where we work together to achieve a balanced and fair outcome. Trust us to navigate your conflicts professionally and impartially, empowering you to find solutions that work for everyone involved.

School Environment Mediation

Adelaide Workplace Mediation brings a wealth of experience to the table when resolving conflicts in educational settings. Conflicts can emerge among various stakeholders within a school community, including students, parents, teachers, peers, and school management.

Conflict within a school environment can significantly impact the positive learning atmosphere schools aim to foster. Resolving these conflicts not only restores harmony but also delivers many other valuable benefits.

Additionally, we offer a specialised Peer Mediation Program designed for students. Through this program, we educate students on conflict resolution techniques and empower them to mediate minor issues within their peer groups. If you're interested in this program, please feel free to contact us via email. Trust Adelaide Workplace Mediation to bring professionalism and expertise to the resolution of conflicts within educational settings.

Female Student

Community Mediation

Adelaide Workplace Mediation has witnessed a notable uptick in requests for assistance in resolving disputes within community groups involving community members and dedicated volunteers. As volunteers play a pivotal role in supporting and operating community organisations across Australia, effectively managing these disputes is essential to ensure the continued strength of our volunteer workforce.

Count on us to provide professional and effective community mediation services, helping maintain the harmony and resilience of your community groups while supporting the invaluable contributions of volunteers.

Volunteer Group

Team Mediation

At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, we specialise in resolving intricate team and group conflicts. Our team mediation approach brings all team members together, fostering a renewed sense of harmony and operational synergy. Our process begins with collaborative efforts alongside management, ensuring a clear agreement on the mediation's scope before engaging with participants individually or as a group.

On the mediation day, we:


  1. Create a secure and inclusive environment for the entire team.

  2. Facilitate discussions on individual and collective concerns.

  3. Assist the team in aligning with the organisation's values and collaborative goals.

  4. Support the team in developing effective working techniques that promote future success.


Our structured team mediation day ensures active participation from all team members, addressing objectives such as:


  • Understanding the nature and impact of conflicts and team dynamics.

  • Identifying individual conflict management styles and preferences.

  • Gaining insights from past experiences to inform future working practices and relationships.

  • Promoting inclusive discussions and decision-making.


Rely on Adelaide Workplace Mediation for professional conflict resolution services that help your teams thrive and work harmoniously together.


Family Mediation

At Adelaide Family Mediation, we are committed to providing a swift and amicable resolution to your parenting, property or financial matters. Our approach is built on attentive listening, professional guidance, and a relaxed setting that fosters open communication.


We are dedicated to achieving a resolution that is not only amicable but also sustainable. Frank and friendly interactions characterise our mediation process as we work closely with you to resolve your disputes.


Why Choose Adelaide Family Mediation:

  • Virtual Mediation - We offer the convenience of settling your matters online, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. Our virtual mediation sessions are conducted through teleconferencing or over the phone.

  • Flexible Appointment Times - We provide evening appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturday mornings to accommodate your schedule.

  • Affordable Services - Our services are affordable, with fees based on a sliding scale according to your income.

  • Government Registered - Adelaide Family Mediation is registered with the Attorney-General's Department, allowing us to issue Section 60I Certificates if necessary.


Choose Adelaide Family Mediation for a professional, cost-effective, and convenient approach to resolving your family disputes. Our goal is to help you find practical and sustainable solutions while ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment throughout the process.

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