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Welcome to Adelaide Workplace Mediation, your trusted partner in mediation, training and consulting. 

Founded in 2018, Adelaide Workplace Mediation is a premier private mediation and conflict management practice. Our mission is to provide a secure, structured, and nurturing environment where parties can come together to discuss, explore, and ultimately resolve disputes and effectively manage workplace conflict.


At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, we're dedicated to empowering both businesses and individuals in navigating the complexities of workplace relationships. No matter the nature of the issue at hand, we are committed to enhancing communication within teams and individuals, boosting productivity, and achieving superior work outcomes. 


Our approach is built on the foundation of consistent, dependable, and meticulously designed programs aimed at helping you manage risk, ensure compliance, and foster the growth and development of your team.

Choose Adelaide Workplace Mediation as your partner in conflict resolution, and embark on a journey toward improved workplace dynamics and lasting harmony. We're here to support your success every step of the way.

Temara Willis

Founder and Principal

Temara is the Founder and Principal of two reputable entities: Adelaide Family Mediation, established in 2017, and Adelaide Workplace Mediation, established in 2018. With over two decades of experience in the field, her journey began as an Executive in the realm of human resources, encompassing diverse sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, health services, and local council. Throughout her illustrious career, Temara has honed her professional expertise in strategic program management, organisational development, employee relations, and industrial relations.

In each of her Human Resources roles, Temara's strategic acumen was dedicated to forging invaluable partnerships with leadership teams. She skillfully oversaw large teams of Human Resource professionals, ensuring the seamless alignment of HR practices with organisational objectives.


Temara's academic achievements include a Master's in Human Resources Management from the University of South Australia and a post-graduate degree in Dispute Resolution, specialising in family matters. She holds registration with the Attorney General's Department and is a distinguished member of the Mediation Institute.

Temara's service philosophy is rooted in fostering independent thinking and self-empowerment rather than fostering dependence. She firmly believes in equipping her clients with the tools to navigate away from detrimental conflicts, which breed resentment and emotional distress, and towards swift, cost-effective resolutions. Through the art of facilitation, coaching, and mediation, she guides clients on a path towards healthier, more harmonious resolutions.

Bree Czulowski

Office Manager

Bree Czulowski has been an integral member of the Adelaide Workplace Mediation team since June 2018, serving as an Executive Assistant. With a diverse background encompassing transport and logistics, project management, and administration, Bree brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her genuine interest in conflict management aligns perfectly with our mission, as she takes pride in assisting Temara in empowering our clients to achieve their best outcomes.

Drawing parallels between conflict resolution and her previous project management endeavours, Bree views the Adelaide Mediation schedule as akin to a complex project. In her role, she primarily oversees Intake and Assessments, manages session set-up details, handles various administrative responsibilities related to family and workplace mediation, fulfils receptionist duties within our office, and takes care of various other administrative tasks. When you contact our offices, Bree's warm and welcoming voice will likely be the first you encounter, ensuring a friendly and efficient experience for all our clients.

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