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Get all of the HR advice and support your business needs to take the stress out of managing your workforce. You can choose from a range of retained or ad-hoc HR service packages that give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is protected as it demonstrates a commitment to compliance and Australian employment law. 

HR Support

There are many reasons to outsource your HR support. You benefit from greater access to skills, expert knowledge, and quality HR advice, saving you considerable time and money.

Adelaide Workplace Mediation offers HR support, health checks, ad-hoc HR Consultancy and an HR advice line. Our services include: 


  • Redundancy management

  • ER and IR case management

  • Workplace Mediation 

  • Policy and procedure development and acceptance

  • Training in soft skills

  • HR mentoring 

  • Employment tribunal case management


We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised, expert service that brings enormous value to you and your organisation. Our team will get to know your business, meaning you can leverage specialist outsourced knowledge and have an experienced support team.


The extensive knowledge throughout our team means that we will deliver you value when you need it most. We offer different levels of support customised to your needs. 


HR Subscription Options 

​We offer three different HR subscription packages that provide different support and services for your business based on your needs. 

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