As we embrace hybrid working, team building activities are critical to helping keep your employees connected wherever they are based. Team building is a ‘nice break’ from everyday work, and if done well, they develop the skills and knowledge of your staff and help build rapport between your teams.

Team-building activities need to have a purpose and objectives behind the planning, leading to your organisation reaping a range of benefits. 


Some of the benefits of team building activities are connecting remote teams, improving productivity, increasing collaboration 

expanding communication, reinforcing and demonstrating your investment in employee growth and enhancing creativity 

Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved my Cheese is an excellent team-building activity that helps staff realise their mindset towards change and the feelings and fears individuals have about it. 

Based on Dr Spencer Johnson’s book ‘Who Moved My Cheese? The workshop is a fun, creative and insightful look at ways to deal with change in the workplace and home life. 

We take staff through the feelings surrounding change and focus on the tools, tips, and strategies to cope and manage change with positivity and resilience. Exploring the different attitudes toward change and controlling these attitudes sets you and your team up for future success. 

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Picasso Workshop

Picasso adds colour and creativity to team building. 

The session accommodates group sizes of up to 20 employees and is three (3) hours in duration. 

Your team will come alive with colour and originality in Picasso! This creative team building venture boosts your team's bonding and growth while creating a piece of art that you can display. 

Picasso lets every team member be creative and express their visual skills through artwork. Our facilitators lead the session, and your team works together to design and paint a unique masterpiece that illustrates your team's spirit in a fun, expressive, and creative way. Your team will have the support of an artist to help guide them to an optimal result. 

Painter in Studio