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Elevate Performance, Embrace Change, and Foster Collaboration with Our Engaging Short Courses

Unlock your potential with our dynamic short courses, meticulously crafted to empower individuals and teams. Our programs are expertly designed to enhance your skillset swiftly and effectively, employing a blend of classroom and online learning delivery methods. Dive into a world of knowledge and transformation with us.

Change Management

Discover the Power of 'Who Moved My Cheese?' for Effective Team Building

Unlock the potential of "Who Moved My Cheese?" as a dynamic team-building activity that facilitates self-awareness about one's approach to change. Delve into the emotions and apprehensions individuals often harbour when faced with change.


Based on the renowned work of Dr. Spencer Johnson in 'Who Moved My Cheese?', our workshop offers an engaging, creative, and enlightening exploration of strategies to navigate change seamlessly, both professionally and personally.


Our program guides your staff through the intricate landscape of emotions associated with change, equipping them with invaluable tools, tips, and strategies to embrace and navigate change with a positive and resilient mindset. By delving into the various attitudes towards change and learning to harness and direct these attitudes, you and your team will be primed for enduring success.


This transformative experience is suitable for teams ranging from 8 to 30 participants, making it adaptable to your specific needs. The ideal duration for this workshop is four (4) hours, ensuring an impactful and immersive learning journey.

Bullying and Harassment Training

In any collaborative work environment, the threat of workplace bullying remains a concern that warrants attention.

As an employer, it is incumbent upon you to furnish your workforce with comprehensive information, instruction, training, and supervision that not only facilitate safe working conditions but also mitigate health risks. This encompassing responsibility encompasses implementing proactive measures and a swift response mechanism for addressing workplace bullying. 

A pivotal facet of these preventive actions is equipping your Managers and Supervisors with the requisite skills and training to prevent and manage workplace bullying incidents effectively.

Adelaide Workplace Mediation takes proactive steps to empower your organisation.


We provide in-person Anti-Bullying and Harassment training tailored explicitly for Staff, Managers and Supervisors. This training program is meticulously designed to curtail the likelihood of bullying and harassment incidents. It places a strong emphasis on cultivating constructive behaviours while steadfastly thwarting any detrimental ones.

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Discover the transformative power of Emotional Intelligence (EI) through our engaging and enlightening team-building workshop, EI for Teams. This workshop is designed to equip participants with practical insights and tools to fully harness and enhance their Emotional Intelligence.


Key Details:

  • Team Size: Ideal for teams ranging from 8 to 30 individuals.

  • Duration: Four (4) hours of immersive learning.


Why EI Matters:


While intelligence quotient (IQ) and technical proficiency are essential for job performance, today's leaders require more than just technical know-how. Effective leadership necessitates the ability to work harmoniously, exert influence, and communicate authentically with peers and subordinates.


Our Workshop:


EI for Teams is a positive, captivating, and enjoyable experience that offers teams a deep dive into personal EI competencies and self-management. Based on the principles outlined in Travis Bradberry's acclaimed book, 'Emotional Intelligence 2.0,' this workshop provides practical strategies for developing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Participants will gain valuable insights into self-awareness, self-regulation, adaptability, and resilience.


What You'll Receive:


Every participant will receive a complimentary copy of 'Emotional Intelligence 2.0' and a personalised emotional intelligence assessment.

Unlock your team's potential and elevate your EI with EI for Teams. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Mental Stamina

Boost Performance Under Workplace Pressure with Mental Stamina.


Mental stamina is the key to excelling in high-pressure work environments. It's a skill that can be cultivated and honed to enhance both professional and personal performance.


At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, our accredited facilitators offer an interactive workshop that empowers participants to develop a profound understanding of mental stamina. This workshop equips individuals with practical strategies to bolster their mental resilience, maintain confidence, and triumph in challenging and high-stress situations.


Key Learning Outcomes:


Upon completing the Mental Stamina workshop, you and your team will gain essential skills to:

  1. Define and Cultivate Mental Stamina - Understand the concept of mental stamina and learn how to build and strengthen it effectively.

  2. Manage Stress and Navigate Challenges - Acquire tools and techniques to handle stress and confront challenges with confidence and composure.

  3. Construct a Toolkit for Future Success - Develop a personalised toolkit equipped with strategies and practices to pave the way for sustained success.


Elevate your team's ability to thrive under pressure and excel in demanding work environments. Join us for the Mental Stamina workshop and equip your team with the skills needed to conquer challenges with ease.

Put the Boxing Gloves Down

At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, we specialise in resolving intricate team and group conflicts, fostering renewed harmony and operational synergy among team members. Our team mediation process is meticulously designed to bring teams together, facilitating a harmonious and productive working environment.


Our Approach:

  1. Preparation and Agreement: Our experienced mediators collaborate with management to define the scope of the mediation process before engaging with individual participants or the group as a whole.

  2. Mediation Day Highlights:

    • Establishing a Secure Environment: We create a secure and conducive setting where the team can come together openly and without apprehension.

    • Individual and Group Discussions: We encourage team members to voice their concerns individually and as a group, allowing for comprehensive discussion.

    • Alignment with Organisational Values: We assist the team in aligning with the organisation's core values, fostering a shared sense of purpose.

    • Enhancing Collaboration: Our mediation aims to empower the team with collaborative and productivity-enhancing techniques for future success.


Key Objectives of the Mediation Day:

  • Understanding Conflict Dynamics - Explore the nature and impact of conflicts within the team and the dynamics of team relationships.

  • Conflict Management Styles - Identify team members' conflict management styles and preferences to facilitate smoother interactions.

  • Leveraging Past Learning - Extract valuable insights from past experiences to inform future working practices and foster healthier relationships.

  • Inclusive Decision-Making - Promote inclusive discussion and decision-making, ensuring that all team members actively participate and contribute.


Adelaide Workplace Mediation is your trusted partner in resolving team conflicts, fostering unity, and enhancing productivity within your organisation.

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