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Our short courses help individuals and teams perform better, manage change, and turn conflict into collaboration,  designed to help you upskill fast and efficiently with a combination of classroom and blended learning delivery.

Change Management

Who Moved my Cheese is an excellent team-building activity that helps staff realise their mindset towards change and the feelings and fears individuals have about it. 

Based on Dr Spencer Johnson’s book ‘Who Moved My Cheese? The workshop is a fun, creative and insightful look at ways to deal with change in the workplace and home life. 

We take staff through the feelings surrounding change and focus on the tools, tips, and strategies to cope and manage change with positivity and resilience. Exploring the different attitudes toward change and controlling these attitudes sets you and your team up for future success. 

Suitable for teams sized 8-30 pax.


The ideal timeframe is four (4) hours. 

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Bullying and Harassment Training

Workplace bullying is always a risk whenever people are working together.


As an employer, you must provide information, instruction, training, and supervision to employees that enable them to work safely and without risk to health. This responsibility includes having preventative measures in place as well as responding to workplace bullying. One of these preventive measures is ensuring that your Managers and Supervisors have the skills and training to help prevent and respond to workplace bullying.


Adelaide Workplace Mediation delivers face-to-face Anti-Bullying and Harassment training for Managers and Supervisors designed to minimise the risk of bullying and harassment occurring. The course focuses on building positive behaviours and preventing harmful behaviours.


Put the Boxing Gloves Down

Adelaide Workplace Mediation works to resolve complex team and group conflicts. Team mediation draws together all team members to encourage them to reach a revived harmony and operational rhythm. The mediators will work with the management, preparing and reaching a prior agreement on the scope before meeting the participant individually or as a group.


On the mediation day, we;


  • Create a secure environment where the team comes together.

  • Discuss what affects them separately and as a group.

  • Assist the team in uniting the organisation’s values and working together.

  • Support the team develop collaborative and productive working techniques that will benefit them in the future.

The team mediation day is carefully structured to guarantee that all team members participate fully. The aims of the mediation day may include: 

  • The nature and impact of the conflict and the dynamics of the team relationships.

  • Team members’ conflict management styles and preferences.

  • Learning and insights from the past that will inform future working practices and relationships.

  • Inclusive discussion and decision-making.

Team Meeting

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

Unleash your potential. EI for Teams is a fun, captivating team-building workshop that provides practical advice and the means to fully realise, optimise, and improve the participant’s Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Suitable for teams sized 8-30 pax. The ideal timeframe is four (4) hours. 

While IQ and technical skills are necessities for good job performance, there is now greater emphasis on our leaders having the know-how to work effectively, influence and communicate authentically with those around them. 

This team-building workshop is positive, enlightening and fun, providing the team with a deep-dive look at personal EI competencies and self-management. Based on Travis Bradberry’s book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, the workshop offers groups practical ways to develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, agility, and resiliency.

Everyone who attends will get a copy of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and a personal emotional intelligence assessment. 

Group therapy

Mental Stamina

Mental Stamina allows you to perform even when experiencing workplace pressure. It can be developed and improves individuals’ professional and personal performance.


An Adelaide Workplace Mediation accredited facilitator will deliver an interactive workshop that helps develop an awareness of mental stamina, strategies to build it, stay confident and triumph even when experiencing difficult and stressful situations and environments.  

Learning outcomes


Once completing the Mental Stamina workshop, you and your team will have the skills to;


  • Define and build mental stamina.

  • Deal with stress and the anxiety of challenges with ease 

  • Create a toolkit for future success 

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