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Mediate, Consult and Train

At Adelaide Workplace Mediation, our accredited workplace mediators and investigators are experienced specialists with proven experience managing informal complaints, disputes, and conflicts to more complex investigations from the ground floor to senior management.


If workplace matters or conflict disrupts your business, Adelaide Workplace Mediation is here to help. 


Adelaide Workplace Mediation covers all your team facilitation, dispute resolution and conflict management needs. Whether your conflict arises in the workplace or the courtroom, we give you the peace that comes with a cost-effective and respectful solution.

We have extensive experience in employment dispute management, leadership facilitation and conflict coaching nationally. This includes negotiating enterprise agreements and employee disagreements, managing conflicts between colleagues, managers, and staff, and investigating bullying and harassment allegations.


Our unique combination of employment law experience and specialised training in mediation has enabled us to mediate well over 600 disputes successfully. 

​Our fees are very competitive and affordable. Please ring to find out how we can assist you.


Adelaide Workplace Mediation provides a professional, affordable service for businesses and organisations that require mediation support. We can also tailor a program or package to suit your business needs. 

Pre-mediation Sessions

​Per person per session: $250.00

Dispute Mediation Fees

Per session: $630.00 * mediation sessions are scheduled for between 2-3 hours

Independent Investigations & Consultation Fees

$250.00 per hour * minimum 3 hours.

Human Resource Consulting 

​Per hour $195.00

Conflict Coaching

​Per session $395.00


Adelaide Workplace Mediation will inform the company of travel fees. The cost will depend on where the mediator has to travel.


The client requesting the mediation services will be invoiced. We ask for payment before each session by bank transfer or EFTPOS so that you don't receive a bill at the end.

Team Facilitation, Training and Workshops

Team Facilitation and Group Workshops will be quoted on a delivery basis. You will receive a proposal for review and consideration once the scope of the work has been established. 

All services are to be paid in advance of the service delivery.  We reserve the right to cancel the mediation if payment is not received.  Fees are payable regardless of an agreement being reached.
Cancellation fees will be charged if cancellations are made within 48 hours of the appointment.

Service fees


Adelaide Workplace Mediation is committed to exceeding your needs. We would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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